March 2020 Non-Bookish Favourites

Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy and home. This has been such an insane month that feels like it’s lasted about 4 years. I hope you’re all getting through this ok and that it hasn’t been too rough on all of you. If any of you ever want to talk, hit me up. Always here to be a shoulder to lean on for you guys. You’re all so wonderful and deserve the best 💖💖💖

So my five favourite things this month involve two restaurants (I was in London at the beginning of the month visiting my boyfriend which was the best week of my life), two tops, and a song. I know it’s impossible to go to a restaurant right now, but if any of you are ever in London, keep them on your radar if you’re looking for a nice night out!

1. Provisions
OH MY GOD. If you love wine and nice cheeses, you need to go to Provisions. Or even if it’s just something you want to try. The staff is incredibly accommodating and will be able to give you wonderful suggestions. They have such a large selection and I wish I could go there every day until I manage to try the entire menu.

2. Q Bar
This was the best steak dinner I’ve ever had. I’m not kidding. If you’re looking for a fancier place for a girls night out or a date night, go here. The food was delicious. It’s a busy place though, so definitely make a reservation.

3. Crew neck bodycon sweater from Dynamite
This sweater is so basic, but listen. If you have curves, it is made for you. I have literally never felt more gorgeous in a sweater in my entire life.

4. Chiffon sleeve crew neck top from Dynamite
This is the perfect top for a fancier night out or for the office. It’s tight but covers everything. I was a little apprehensive about the sleeves because I’m a small person and details can swallow me whole, but damn. It’s cute as heck.

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5. Wannabe by ITZY
Is anyone surprised? No. I am obsessed with this damn song (ok, the whole album). But OH MY GOOD LORD. THEIR LIVE PERFORMANCES. THEY ARE SO STABLE MY GIRLIES ARE GROWING UP. AND RYUJIN. R Y U J I N. THE SHOULDER POPPING. MY GOD. I could go on for days. I’m so obsessed with them.

2 thoughts on “March 2020 Non-Bookish Favourites

  1. SHA @ Book Princess Reviews says:

    I have no curves but that bodycon sweater is very cute. Mayhaps I can pretend and toss a jacket over. It’s all about layers sometimes. x

    And oh, restaurants. How I miss them. One day we will wear our sweaters in public, in restaurants, and touch people’s skin without gloves on. :’) Thanks for the lovely message at the beginning, Alyssa. Take care of yourself, too!

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