Review Policy

I am currently accepting both Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult books for review. Please read the accepted genres list below.

At this time I am currently accepting ARCs, finished copies, e-books, self-published books, and indie press books.

Emails may be sent to alovelybookaffair[at]gmail[dot]com

Timeline for Accepting Books

It would be wonderful if you could send me a book 1-2 months before you would prefer to have a review posted. I work full-time so that does keep me a bit busy. I like to try and plan my posts ahead of time in order to stay on top of things.


Accepted genres:

  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Historical fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Mystery
  • Contemporary romance

Please do not send review requests for poetry, non-fiction, biographies, memoirs, and short stories (or short story compilations).

Reviews and Formatting

Please note that any reviews I post here will also be posted on Goodreads.





Publication Date:


Source: (In order to specify whether I read it because it was sent to me for review or it’s something I just picked up and decided to read)

Link to Goodreads, Chapters, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble


Summary from Goodreads

Review. I try to keep my review to discussing two to four things I liked (or disliked) about the book. I also try to not have my reviews be too long. I want to keep them at a manageable length so that anyone reading my reviews can get an idea of what they might get out of reading the book, but always being sure to never give too much away about the story.

Rating System

5 stars: Perfect. I loved everything about it.

4 stars: Great book. It wasn’t perfect, but I definitely enjoyed reading it.

3 stars: Decent. There were things I enjoyed and other things I didn’t but the things I enjoyed slightly outweighed the things I did not.

2 stars: There are probably some things I liked about the book, but the things I dislike unfortunately outnumber the good things.

1 star: There wasn’t really anything about the book that I enjoyed.

If I’m truly torn between two ratings (i.e.: I feel it wasn’t perfect enough for a 5 star rating but deserved better than 4 stars), then I will add a half a star somewhere in there.

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