Top 10 (…11) Songs of 2019

Hello lovelies! This year, just like last year, my love for kpop girl groups is at an all time high. And since I’ve seen a fair amount of kpop posts around the book blogging world I decided I’d share my top 11 songs with you that were released in 2019! Yes, 11. I tried to do 10 but I just couldn’t manage to cut one last one from the list. After way more time than I’d like to admit I spent thinking about this, I decided this list has to be 11. Enjoy! Hope you find some songs from this list that you’ll grow to love as much as I do.


11. Bungee (Fall in Love) – Oh My Girl


10. Trick It – Twice (Feel Special gif, but I linked a live performance of Trick It)


9. Sunny Side Up! – Red Velvet


8. Psycho – Red Velvet (best mv of the year though)


7. Gogobebe – Mamamoo


6. Twit – Hwasa


5. Fancy – Twice


4. In & Out – Red Velvet (yes I know this is also a psycho gif, but they haven’t performed this live… YET)


3. Hip – Mamamoo


2. Strawberry – Twice

And coming in at #1……..


1. Destiny – Mamamoo

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