Cover Reveal: My Professor by R.S. Grey

Title: My Professor
: R.S. Grey
Series: Standalone
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 2, 2022


Young and naïve—those are his exact words.

Professor Barclay views me as a nuisance, a disruption of his otherwise obedient class and
perfectly regimented life. His bad impression of me stems from a simple misunderstanding, and
when that impression sours from bad to worse, he decides to make an example out of me in
front of the entire class. Every other female student in that auditorium looks on, longing to trade
places with me, wishing they were the object of his attention. It’s humiliating. I want nothing to
do with him or the tension growing between us, but he feels inescapable.

Deep down, I know I have a crush on him. It’s a shameful feeling I refuse to give life to.
Not that it matters—nothing can come from it. Besides our mutual dislike for one another and
the fact that he’s my professor, there’s an age gap that should be warning enough.

While we might cross the line once—the dark glance across a dimly lit bar…the metallic sound
of the bathroom door locking behind us…his hand slowly sliding up my skirt—I know it’s a
boundary I can’t break again.

Now, more than ever, he’s off-limits.

After four years apart, I’m a brand-new hire at his firm. I’ve convinced myself he won’t
remember me. I’m safe here in the wolf’s den.

It’s funny, isn’t it? How easily we can delude ourselves if only we want something bad enough.
Nothing has changed.

That same friction roils between us. My gaze still flees from the chill of his glacier blue eyes. At
times it seems the only difference is how I respond to his commands.

He’s my new boss, so it’s no longer “Yes, Professor”.

He expects something a little different—
Yes, sir.