DNF Review: Wicked Liars by Laura Lee

wl - cover

Title: Wicked Liars
Author: Laura Lee
Series: Windsor Academy #1
Publisher: Lovestruck Publishing
Publication Date: April 3, 2020
Genre: Dark Romance
Source: Received a copy in exchange for an honest review


Rating: DNF/1 star

Every last one of them.
The kings and queens of my new high school.
The father and stepmother I never knew. 
Each has more wealth and privilege than I could’ve ever imagined.
Each has a pile of wicked dirty secrets they’d do anything to protect.
These people have grown accustomed to getting what they want, and what they want is to make my life a living hell.
Too bad for them, you can’t break someone who’s already broken.
Too bad for them, I won’t give up without a fight.
Too bad for them, I’m going to make them pay…even if  it’s the last thing I do.


Warning: will contain spoilers because I’ll be explaining why I chose to DNF at 62%

Well. This was so not the book for me.

This book was as if Gossip Girl was rated R instead of 14+. The private school. The insane riches. The spoiled kids who get away with whatever they want. The parents who don’t give two shits about their kids but still want to control their lives anyway so they don’t make a mockery of the family’s name. Just add in a whole bunch of swearing and sexual activities. That’s not the problem though. I loved Gossip Girl. It was totally a guilty pleasure of mine when I was growing up. Give me a book like Gossip Girl with a whole bunch of swearing? Yes please. I swear like a sailor anyway.

I mean, the caricatures of what rich people and mean girls are may have been a little over the top, but I’ll survive that. It won’t get me to abandon a book.

My issue with this was the romance. The goddamn romance.

At around 30% is where shit went down. Jazz was at a party. She was going to get a drink with a guy and decided to ask him to watch her drink while she went to the washroom. First of all. Honey, no. NO. You know disaster is coming. Anyway, she gets back and has her drink and dances with him. He asks her to go somewhere private and in the book she says something along the lines of not remembering if she said yes but he’s leading her there anyway. Then he hands her off to Kingston and Bentley. Like here you go guys, got her all nice and roofied up for ya like you asked me too!!!!

Kingston and Bentley start making out with her and touching her upper body while the third member of their group (I don’t remember his name) films. They keep going until she passes out. Then they take of her pants to make it look like they had sex and take some compromising pictures. And it’s all around school on Monday morning.

But the drugging and sexual assault isn’t even what got me the most riled up. IT’S THAT SHE STARTS A ROMANCE WITH KINGSTON. THE GUY WHO DRUGGED HER AND ASSAULTED HER AND THEN SPREAD THE VIDEOS AND PICS TO THE WHOLE DAMN SCHOOL. AND SHE KNOWS IT WAS HIM. The same day after school he comes over and she kisses him. And then they start kind of dating because he needs to control her and get her to trust him in his big plan to take his dad and her dad down for some shit they’re doing that’s illegal or whatever. GIRL WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT THE FUCK. Get your shit together. You don’t date the man who drugged you. Who assaulted you. My god.

Not even the fact that the prologue started with Jazz sounding like she was ready to die after being killed was enough to make me continue. She’s surrounded by 800 psychos. Clearly one of them killed her or put out a hit or something equally as insane, but I really couldn’t even be bothered to keep reading to find out. Everything about this was one big hell no for me.




DNF Review: White as Silence, Red as Song by Alessandro D’Avenia


Title: White as Silence, Red as Song
Author: Alessandro D’Avenia
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: September 4, 2018 (originally January 26, 2010 in Italian)
Genre: Psychological thriller
Source: Young Adult, Contemporary


Rating: 1 star

Sixteen-year-old Leo has a way with words, but he doesn’t know it yet. He spends his time texting, polishing soccer maneuvers, and killing time with Niko and Silvia. Until a new teacher arrives and challenges him to give voice to his dreams.

And so Leo is inspired to win over the red-haired beauty Beatrice. She doesn’t know Leo exists, but he’s convinced that his dream will come true. When Leo lands in the hospital and learns that Beatrice has been admitted too, his mission to be there for her will send him on a thrilling but heartbreaking journey. He wants to help her but doesn’t know how—and his dream of love will force him to grow up fast.

Having already sold over a million copies, Alessandro D’Avenia’s debut novel is considered Italy’s The Fault in Our Stars. Now available in English for the first time, this rich, funny, and heartwarming coming-of-age tale asks us to explore the meaning—and the cost—of friendship, and shows us what happens when suffering bursts into the world of teenagers and renders the world of adults speechless.


*DNF at 49%

It’s rare I DNF a novel. And I mean incredibly rare. Sometimes I put books down, but I know I’ll get back to them when I’m in the mood for it so I don’t consider that a DNF because I’ll finish it eventually. I’ve only legitimately DNFed a novel once before. And that was a long time ago. Well, I’m here to say that today I DNF my second novel.

I tired to get through this. Trust me, I did. Especially because I received an advanced copy and I take those opportunities very seriously. But oh my god this was bad. Awful.

Leo is creepy as hell. If this was a psychological thriller, ok sure, it’d be awesome. His weird stalker tendencies would be perfect for that genre. But this is supposed to be a contemporary romance compared to The Fault In Our Stars? What? Who decided that? Like let’s have a chat about that because no, it’s not even close.

I would just like to point out that at 49% through Leo and Beatrice haven’t had an actual interaction between them. He’s watched her from a distance and sat beside her while she slept in her hospital bed and wrote her a letter and gave her blood, but SHE HASN’T EVEN SPOKEN TO HIM YET. WHAT.

Here are some of incredibly stalker-ish quotes from Leo just to help prove my point a little bit:

I went to her birthday party last year, and it was a dream come true. I spent the entire time hiding behind something or someone so I could stare at her, so I could record her every gesture and movement in my head.

And another one:

But wasn’t I a lion in my previous life? That’s why I don’t give up. I lurk in the first and, when the moment is right, I jump out from the trees and seize my prey, cutting off all escape routs by forcing it into a learning with nothing to hide behind. That’s what I’ll do with Beatrice. She’ll find herself face-to-face with me and will be forced to choose me.

Anyway, I think you guys get the point I’m trying to make here. This was just so not my kind of book. At all.