November 2019 Non-Bookish Favourites

Hello lovelies!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I wanted to do one again. There were a lot of things in November that made me happy in a time that I was incredibly sad so I figured why not spread that positivity and maybe someone else will find something they enjoy from this list.


1. reality in BLACK by Mamamoo
You guys. THIS WHOLE FUCKING ALBUM. I’m obsessed. Since it came out mid-November it’s all I’ve listened to. I’m dead serious. Other music no longer exists to me at the moment. My life is Mamamoo and Mamamoo only and I am very much ok with that. Their single Hip is a damn anthem and I love it. Also their promos and performances have been top-notch. Best album of the year. I said what I said.

2. Achievement Hunter: The Musical
This has been in the works at AH for a while and it was worth the wait. It was the funniest half an hour I have ever experienced. Lindsay with her whole agressive rap and then being like “thanks guys!!” at the end in the cutest little voice killed me. And wow, Jeremy’s song. Daaaaaamn that man can sing. I’m impatiently awaiting the day that they put the songs up on Spotify so I can jam during work.

3. Worst Games Ever (Funhaus)
Funhaus came out with a new series to replace their Monday mornings of Demo Disk/Wheelhaus and I’m loving it. They are going through the list of worst games by IGN and playing them with their regular comedic commentary. I think there’s been 4 episodes so far and it’s pretty funny. Elyse, James, and Adam have such great chemistry together.

4. Gyu-Kaku
Normally I wouldn’t talk about a restaurant because they are generally local things, but this is all across North America, so if you have a chance to go to this Japanese BBQ, I highly suggest that you do! I went this past month and wow. WOW. The service was top notch and the food was fantastic. Still thinking about the filet mignon and the dumplings.

5. This Might Get Weird
If you’re an OG youtube watcher, you definitely know who Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart are. Together they have a podcast called This Might Get Weird. Basically they just talk about their week and it’s the funniest thing. Every single time I laugh out loud. If I’m having a bad day this is my go to. Mamrie Hart can cure even the worst day with her jokes.

March 2019 Non-Bookish Favourites

Hello lovelies! I kind of wanted to try something new this month and do a post of non-bookish favourites. The plan is to showcase five things I loved this month whether it’s music, makeup, clothes, food, whatever. Basically anything that does not pertain to books. So I’m just going to dive right in and tell you guys five awesome things I was obsessed with this month. Let me know what you guys think down below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


1. Gogobebe by Mamamoo

You guys. This song. THIS FREAKING SONG. First of all I love Mamamoo and every single thing they do. But this video. This song. The live performances. The dance. Every single comeback they continue to amaze me. Also the performances they did of Waggy. Solar is such a dumbass I love her. And when Hwasa won for Twit during the comeback week of Gogobebe. I just have too much love for them.

2. Big Mouth
This show is the perfect blend of awkward and funny and slightly offensive humour that speaks to my heart. Finished season one this weekend and can’t wait to dive into the next one.

3. GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Activated Charcoal Treatment Mask
This face mask has changed my life. It smells great and it has seriously reduced acne scaring from that annoying barely-there PMS acne. But I’m pale as all hell, so anything and everything shows. Luckily for me, this mask has seriously helped reduce that while making my skin feel so soft. I’ve actually gone out for errands on weekends without makeup since using it, which is something I haven’t done in years and it feels good.

4. H&M slim fit pants
I bought two pairs online last December, one in black and one in green. Unfortunately, because all I was doing at the time was eating takeout and drinking way too much for my own good, I didn’t fit into them. Fast forward to the end of March and guess who toned down her fat ass thighs to squeeze into them? Well more like just didn’t eat because breakups suck but like who cares because I’m thin enough again. And it was so damn worth it to be able to wear those.

5. Sarah’s Day YouTube Channel
I recently subscribed to Sarah on YouTube and I’m obsessed with her videos. Her and her husband are adorable and they just had their first child at the end of the month. I admire how transparent she’s been about her pregnancy and so far after giving birth. Like yeah, it’s obviously a miracle and the greatest thing in the world (or so I assume because I haven’t popped one of those out of me yet but boy oh boy do I look forward to being a mom), but it’s also hard as fuck. She puts it all out there and I admire people who can be honest about the good and the hard.