Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Pet Peeves


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature over at That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme is bookish pet peeves. Apparently I have quite a few… I’m sorry.

1. Stickers printed onto the book

You know those stickers that say “Now A Netflix Movie” or “Reese’s Book Club Pick” that look like stickers you can peel off but are actually printed on the cover? That’s what I mean. I literally do not care about any of those things. There’s no need for them to be permanantly ruining the cover.

2. Stickers that leave a sticky residue

And then when books have regular stickers, there are so many of them that leave a gross sticky residue when you peel them off. Why. WHY.

3. Cover changes in the middle of a series

Ok. Yes. Sometimes the cover changes are for the better. Remember the original Throne of Glass cover? But most times you just end up stuck with some books having the old covers and some having the new ones and then nothing matches.

4. When the spines don’t match

This is even worse. Because it’s one tiny detail but it’s all you can see from the bookshelf.

5. Deckled edges

I can’t stand the feeling of deckled edges.

6. Stepbacks on any book that isn’t a historical romance

Stepback are only acceptable on historical romances. That’s it. It’s like a second cover. A nice surprise. When it’s on any other genre of book, it’s a quote page. Hard pass. No thank you.

7. Being interrupted while reading

There is nothing that grinds my gears more than being interrupted on my lunch break. I usually put in my headphones even though I’m not listning to music to drive the point home that I am not to be bothered. I still get bothered.

8. When the synopsis happens later in the book

After a certain point, if the main event in the synopsis hasn’t happened… it’s a spoiler.

9. “Miscommunication” trope


10. “Love as the cure to mental health problems” trope

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Knowing you’ve been with the love of your life is great. But I hate books that use love as the cure to mental health issues. Love is incredible and it can make you feel so happy and give you strength and make you function better than you were before. But it’s not going to cure you.

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