Top Ten Tuesday: Colourful Book Covers


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature over at That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme is colourful covers. As much as I would love to say I never judge a book by its cover and haven’t made cover purchases in the past, I totally have.

These books all have absolutely beautiful colourful covers. Some I’ve read and some I haven’t. But I can promise the ones I haven’t read yet are on my TBR because of the synopsis and not just the cover!

Link to me your lists below. I definitely want to see what you guys chose.

1. Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

2. To Love and to Loathe by Martha Waters

3. A Pho Love Story by Loan Le

4. Other People’s Children by R.J. Hoffmann

5. Meet Cute Club by Jack Harbon

6. Beach Read by Emily Henry

7. Opposite of Always by Justin A. Reynolds

8. This Time Will Be Different by Misa Sugiura

9. I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn

10. Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Colourful Book Covers

  1. Rissi says:

    I totally make a cover buy (all the time)! 😉 Almost added I Love You So Mochi to mine; Rent a Boyfriend is a great one to include; and Beach Read with its yellow cover is made for this topic. 🙂

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