Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature over at That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme is our favourite things to snack on or drink while reading. I have to admit, I can be a snacker while reading. And nothing makes me happier than a good drink to sip on while I’m immersed in a book.

1. Iced vanilla latte – my number one forever

2. Chai latte – the most soothing drink in the fall

3. Iced tea – the real stuff though, not the sugary crap in a can

4. Water – got to stay hydrated, right?

5. Wine – nothing better than winding down after a long day with a glass of wine and a good book

6. Beer – there’s this cute craft beer place beside my office and at the beginning of the week it’s always nice and quiet

7. Indian takeout – let’s be real, I eat from that restaurant once a week minimum so I’m bound to be reading during one of the many times I get takeout

8. Pad thai – my other takeout weakness

9. Pasta – if I could live off of pasta only, I would. Plus it’s a perfect reading snack because you’re using a fork so you’ll never have to worry about dirtying the pages

10. Carrot cake – I’m such a savoury type of person when it comes to food, but I can never refuse a good carrot cake

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading

  1. dinipandareads says:

    Mmm this list has just piled on MORE cravings that I’ll have to indulge in this week! I love carrot cake so much 🤤 And Indian is always a win for me! I don’t know if I’m daring enough to eat it while reading a book though because I can just imagine curry splashing everywhere 😂Great list!

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