Cold Spell by Mia London & Susan Sheehey – Blog Tour + Giveaway

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Today is a super exciting day! It’s my day on the blog tour of COLD SPELL by Mia London & Susan Sheehey!

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Title: Cold Spell
Author: Mia London & Susan Sheehey
Series: Sweet Escape Series #3
Publisher: Amepphire Press
Publication Date: October 3, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Recieved an electronic copy from the author/InkSlinger PR for the purpose of this blog tour in exchange for an honest review


Rating: 4 stars

She can’t stand him. He thinks she’s never more adorable than when she’s pissed at him.

Liddy Drake would rather gamble on double black diamond runs than take a chance on love. Escaping dreary San Francisco for a Colorado mountain resort with her besties is just what the doctor ordered. But an injury on the first day lands her in the lap of a loud-mouthed ski instructor who knows exactly how to get under her skin. She doesn’t have time to waste on a playboy with a too-easy laugh and gorgeous blue eyes.  

Luke Sawyer left New York ten years ago for the ski runs of Colorado, concealing his identity as a Rothchild heir. He’d seen money change too many people, never for good. Scrappy, sassy, and oh-so-sexy Liddy doesn’t fall for the mask of his over-the-top charm. He accepts the challenge to show her his true self.

Their chemistry is enough to melt snow-capped mountains, until she finds out the truth. There’s no way her humble background could compete with America’s royalty. How can he melt the ice around her heart and convince her that Mr. Wrong is actually Mr. Right, who loves her just the way she is?

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The girls of the Sweet Escape Series are back at it again for their third and final girls vacation, and this time they’re headed to a beautiful ski lodge. Liddy has had enough with the way her life has been going and takes it upon herself to set up a girls trip to go away skiing and clear her head.

The mountain top resort has everything you could need. They’re in a glamorous and huge lodge with all the amenities you would want on a vacation. It probably helps that they’re in the middle of the woods and the mountains surrounded by peace and quiet and snow. Sounds perfect to me.

The build up to the romance between Liddy and Luke was so perfect. It was kind of a hate-to-lovers sort of thing, but without being dragged out. It was so cute how she was somewhat annoyed with him because she thought he was cocky but he just ended up being hot as all hell.

Speaking of hot as all hell, this book was so steamy. Liddy and Luke had the best chemistry with each other. Every time they were going back and forth, I absolutely loved it. They were funny, entertaining, and so so adorable.

One of the absolute best things about this series was the friendship between Sam, Jordan, and Liddy. These are three girls who are there for each other through thick and thin and will always build the other ones up. Nothing is better than reading a book that portrays a strong female friendship. Us ladies got to stick together!

Overall, Cold Spell was definitely my favourite of the trilogy, and I would highly suggest that you guys pick them up when you have a chance! All three of them were really great reads.


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Sweet Escape Series:

Three best friends find love, laughter, and lots of trouble during their annual girls’ trips. On these getaways, all-inclusive takes on a new, steamy meaning.

The new Sweet Escape series by co-authors Mia London & Susan Sheehey is the perfect beach read! Super steamy paradise in three, hilarious romance adventures.

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Grab Hot Spell, out now!

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About the Authors:

About Susan:

Susan Sheehey writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense and women’s fiction. The Knights of Texas series (contemporary romance novellas) is available on Kindle. The Royals of Solana series (romantic suspense & adventure) is available on all e-retailers and in paperback, along with her contemporary romance standalone, Audrey’s Promise. Water plays a crucial element in all of her novels, and she’s a strong advocate for Autism Awareness. She tried to give up Diet Coke, and it didn’t take. When not writing, she’s chasing after her two children, and being pampered by her husband in Texas.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | BookBub | Newsletter

About Mia:

Mia loves to write!

She’s been reading fiction for years and finally decided that the images and scenes floating around in her head needed to make it to paper.

She’s a huge fan of romance, highly optimistic, and wildly faithful to the HEA (happily ever after). She’s inspired by most anything around her. And her biggest obstacle is not having enough time to get it all down on paper (or my computer, as the case may be).

Her goal is create a fantasy you will enjoy with characters you could love.

She lives in Texas with her attentive, loving, super-model husband, and her perfectly behaved, brilliant children. Her produce never wilts, there are no weeds in her flowerbeds, and chocolate is her favorite food group.
And then she wakes up.

Website | Email | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon

Enter Mia & Susan’s giveaway here. There’s a crazy amount of goodies to be won!

  • Grand prize: $50 Macy’s gift card, all of Mia and Susan’s books (15 ebooks), summer beach bag complete with tote, insulated water bottle, beach towel, and sunglasses, and a box of Godiva chocolates
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  • Milk chocolate prize: 1 ebook from each other (2 total) and insulated water bottle



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